Lidice Memorial - Hackney, London

These plaques are dedicated to the memory of Czech town of Lidice and were placed on the 25th and 50th anniversaries of the massacre.


Lidice is a small town just outside Prague here, on 9th June 1942 the town was destroyed as a reprisal for the assassination by two SOE trained assasins of Reinhard Heydrich - Reichsproteckor in Prague.


Amongst the belongings of one of the assassins the Gestapo found addresses of two Czech villages and orders were given to: ‘Execute all adult men, transport all women to a concentration camp, gather the children suitable for Germanisation, then place them in SS families in the Reich and bring the rest of the children up in other ways and burn down the village and level it entirely’.  On 9th June 1942, the day of Heydrich’s funeral in Berlin the Czech village of Lidice was destroyed. In the garden at Horáks estate 173 men were shot (another 26 Lidice residents were executed on 16th June 1942 at Prague-Kobylisy).  196 women were deported to Ravensbrück (53 of whom died) 88 children were murdered at Chelmno and 8 were taken for adoption by German families (17 children survived the war).[1]  The death toll resulting from the effort to avenge the death of Heydrich is estimated at 1,300.[2] 


I have yet to determine the link between Lidice and Hackney, or why this memorial is situated here.

[1] A small Czech village called Lezaky was also destroyed two weeks after Lidice, here both men and women were shot, and children sent to concentration camps or germanised.

[2] This count includes relatives of partisans, their supporters, Czechs suspected of disloyalty and random victims like those in Lidice.

Lidice mem