Jersey memorial

In October 1941 a notice was published in the Jersey Evening Post calling on Jews to register with Clifford Orange, Chief aliens officer in Jersey. Most Jews had already left the island but twelve remained and registered. As on the continent the persecution of the Jews was a systemised affair, firstly they had to register, then display a sign on their businesses announcing 'Jewish undertaking' and then the businesses were Aryanised and sold to non Jews. Subsequent orders restricted the hours during which Jews could shop and imposed a curfew on them. They were also to wear yellow stars with the word 'Jew' rather than 'Jude', the Jersey authorities protested and whilst ordered, these stars never appeared.
These Jews (along with Freemasons, former officers of the armed forces and susepcted communists) were deported in February 1943 as retaliation for the British commando raid on the 'Sark'. Only one of them was singled out for 'special treatment' - John Max Finkelstein, originally from Romania, who was eventually sent to Buchenwald and Theresienstadt. He survived the war.

The other deportees were sent to internment camps in France and Germany and were not separated from the other islanders. Those prisoners are remembered on this plaque.