Holocaust Exhibition - Imperial War Museum

Under the cover of the Second World War, for the first time in history, industrial methods were used for the mass extermination of a whole people. Men, women and children endured Nazi persecution and, in most cases, were killed as a result.

The Holocaust Exhibition traces the Nazi persecution and murder of Europe’s Jews from 1933 to 1945.Starting with the turbulent political scene in Europe immediately after the First World War, the exhibition looks at the rise of the Nazi party and how Europe-wide antisemitism made a fertile seedbed for Hitler's anti-Jewish beliefs. It also covers the perversion of science to support Nazi race theory, the isolation of German Jews, the refugee crisis and the advent of so-called 'Euthanasia' policies in 1939.

Photographs, documents, newspapers, artefacts, posters and film track the history of this persecution and genocide with toys, diaries, photograph albums, storybooks and hand-made mementos revealing people’s efforts to survive. Testimonies from 18 survivors bring a moving and haunting perspective.