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Present - Mid March 2013  - 'Landscapes of memory' exhibition at Leeds Town Hall as part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2013.  The exhibition is a photographic study of Holocaust memorials in the UK and across Europe, the images representing a cross-section of Holocaust experiences including those of victims, perpetrators and liberators. It has been produced by Dr Kate Vigurs as part of a research project funded by Leeds Humanities Research Institute at the University of Leeds. The exhibition will be open to the public from 27 January to mid March during normal opening hours
Series of talks:
11th May - DLI Museum, Durham
Mid July - Silence, Memory and Empathy Network conference, Buckfast Abbey.
This talk will focus on the purpose of Holocaust memorials and discuss a variety of issues surrounding Holocaust memorialisation. These include the framework, form and narrative of the memorials and the influence of politics.It will explore whether the memorial is specific or unique to the site and atrocity it is commemorating and the impact of this on the visitors experience, understanding and reaction to the memorial. The effects of the memorial on individual and/or collective memory will also be discussed.

The memorials discussed will include those in the UK, Berlin, throughout Europe and Washington DC. The sites represent the experiences of victims, perpetrators and liberators and as such have a different political agenda and contrasting memories to convey.