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Wannsee Haus

In 2006 a new permanent exhibition space was opened at Wannsee Haus on the outskirts of Berlin.  The infamous villa was used between  1941 and 1945 by the SS as a conference centre and guest house.
It is here, on 20th January 1942, that fifteen high-ranking representatives of the SS, the Nazi party and various ministries met to discuss their cooperation in the planned deportation and murder of the European Jews.
What is today referred to as the "Wannsee Conference" was chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, Head of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA). His deportation expert Adolf Eichmann drew up a protocol of the meeting, which was found in 1947 in the files of the Foreign Ministry.

The main focus of the permanent exhibtion is the Wannsee Conference and its significance for the process of planning the genocide of European Jews, as well as the involvement of the conference participants and the authorities they represented in the persecution and murder of the Jews.


Since Wannsee was a site used by perpetrators there are several themed rooms focussing on a number of perpetrator groups, including the Ordnungspolizei (uniformed police), Wehrmacht and the civil administration in the occupied territories.