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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen concentration camp is in the former East Germany and lies approx 40km North of Berlin.  The most recent memorial (pictured bottom right). which was designed and installed after the fall of the Soviet regime and the reunification of Germany depicts emaciated bodies holding up a fallen figure, and although it is larger than life it shows weakness and frailty.  This monument depicts the pathetic hero, a notion which the totalitarian regimes disliked and so it only came into existence after the fall of communism in Germany. 
It provides a stark contrast to the monument pictured bottom left that was erected immediately after the liberation of the camp by the Russian Army which is in the Soviet (anti pathetic) style depicting strong, muscular bodies (even on the figure representing a camp survivor), sharp angles and larger than life figures.   It would seem that this monument was erected not so much as to remember the victims of the Holocaust but to celebrate the strength of the Red Army and the Communist Russian liberators.  Is it then the case that the former monument there is the embodiment of ‘all that was worth forgetting – not remembering?’ [1]
] Young, Memory and the end of the monument, p.64.
Soviet memorial
Memorial at the gas chambers