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In 1995, a memorial created by East German sculptor Ingeborg Hunzinger was erected on Roßenstraße on the site of an old synagogue.  The memorial, named "Block der Frauen" or "Block of Women" is carved from sandstone and reads:


 The strength of civil disobedience, the vigor of love overcomes the violence of dictatorship; Give us our men back; Women were standing here, defeating death; Jewish men were free.


The memorial commemorates an act of bravery undertaken by Jewish women on the site in 1943.   In the last phases of the Final Solution to the Jewish Issue, 1800 Jewish men married to non-Jewish women were incarcerated for deportation to the camps in early 1943.  At the time less than 8000 Jews remained in the city.  In an almost unheard of protest, the wives and families of these men protested and demanded their husbands release, they were joined by many German citizens .  After a week of ever growing protest, the men were released.